Fusionex International Extends Collaboration with Google Cloud

Fusionex International has a leading global data technology company in Malaysia. The multi-award-winning company has been breaking the barriers in the ASEAN region. The tie-ups done with various companies are also transforming big data. They are specialized in Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics. Ivan Teh, founder has been very vocal about computing infrastructure and providing aid to SMEs.

Collaboration with Google

Recently, they have teamed up with Google Cloud. The expertise mutually lies in providing data technology solutions to SMEs. Such collaboration would improve various organizations. They both will enhance Big Data Analytics together. The offerings represent electronic innovations in an alarming situation of a pandemic.  Fusionex is tirelessly making efforts to improve and enhance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The collaboration with Google Cloud is a step in this global challenge to overcome Covid-19.

Services to Clients

The training programs are also designed within this collaboration. The Malaysian company will emerge with the Google Cloud ecosystem in advancing the pace of services in consultation. This would allow SMEs to provide better-consulting services to clients. Developing competencies and better outcomes on the vendor’s platform through these programs

The collaboration with Google cloud is defining the digital transformation throughout Southeast Asia. The Malaysian company is proving its potential in AI and machine learning through tremendous efforts. The venture capital investment is growing with this strong and driving partnership. The regional work is also commendable in building up data technology across the length and breadth of the nation and world. They provide innovation data technology solutions to popular global customers like Toyota, L’Oreal, Samsung, and IKEA. The data analytics offerings internationally have placed Ivan Teh, the founder in the global context of data technology. Along with this, they are also highly dedicated to providing solutions to SMEs in Southeast Asia.

Capabilities of Collaboration

The collaboration has a potential capacity to turn the business’s growth. Ivan Teh, the founder has brought up this company in 2006 with no big investors. It was based on the meager revenues system only with some satisfied countable clients. Today, his brilliance has shaped up the company with massive growth. They are embedding a new analytical model to provide outstanding services to clients.

Fusionex International Extends Collaboration with Google Cloud

Gan Chun Yee, Head of Big Data and Analytics said that Google Cloud has evolved as the rescue. This rescue will be managing all the infrastructure troubles. The efficiency of management will be focused on presenting excellent services to the clients. The Google Cloud Platform will be easing the business of Fusionex yielding high-performance services in analytics.  The company’s team has spent several years working on-premises solutions for the resources.

The innovative solutions would provide great help to SMEs. The company’s collaboration with Google Cloud has enormous potential for the digital transformation of SMEs. The manual input will develop infrastructure. The world-class machine learning tools would enable technical departments to rise on a new horizon. This flagship will design several operations in the upcoming future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This would boost the business of clients in a new direction. The collaboration is a healthy awakening for SMEs.