What are the accounting options that are followed in Xtrade platform?

What are the accounting options that are followed in Xtrade platform?

If you want to open a trading account, then there is a need for you to open an account where you could store all your details, history and other records. The registration process that you are going to follow inside the Xtrade is simple and easier that paves an opportunity for the traders to directly get linked with the account. Fill the form that is available on that website there you can discover four different types of accounting options like standard, premium, VIP, and Platinum. 

The trading control that is designed in each account type would be different. Apart from this in Xtrade Australia there the user can find out the other features. Even you can easily personalize out the trading, daily news, etc. 

In addition to the above four types, Xtrade Australiaalso provides a demo account, here the practices are given to the traders, and here the virtual-based currencies are used for trading, using this chance the traders can have a trail before investing their real money. 

Security features of Xtrade

It is highly protected and this website is secured up with a 256-bit secure socket layer that is known as SSL. Here all the transaction is kept safer and it is a typical task for the unauthorized person to access your account.

To ensure the security level they follow the customer-based segregation method which means all your funds would be deposited out in a separate account and not mixed out. 

Apart from this, the Xtrade Australia team works out constantly for monitoring out the website and check whether any problems arise and fix them. They also have implementation-based verification procedures for preventing the money from the terrorist to identify its fraud. Xtrade collects valid proof of residence or bank statements. If you want to open an account you want to maintain all your papers correctly.