Stay Updated With The Latest Happenings Of NYSE: ZUO

Zuo is a business software solution for them to launch and get started with. It’s a software company that helps businesses manage their subscriptions services and automate the quoting, billing, revenue and recurring billing. The founder of the company is Tien Tzuo and was started in 2007. The company headquarters is in California and has a revenue of USD 167.9. it currently has 1249 employees and falls under the niche of enterprise software.

Talking about the company’s funding, Zuora raised around $6 million A series funding in 2007 and $15million B series funding in 2008. It also raised $20 million series C, $36 million series D and $50 million series E fundings in 2010, 2011 and 2013 respectively all in September. The total funding it generated this way was $250 million. Some of its investors were Greylock Partners, Vulcan Capital, REdpoint Ventures and more. The NYSE: ZUO at statistics helps one understand the stock price and current happenings of the company in a better manner.

About the company product

As said before is a subscription service for the business provider company, it sells SaaS delivery models to businesses. It helps the business achieve a subscription service model or platform. Companies can keep a record of billings, pricing, products, catalogues and more using this platform. The four Zuora saas services are

  • Zuora billing
  • Zuora RevPro
  • Zuora CPQ
  • Zuora collect

These services help in recurring billing, revenue automation, subscription business and collecting payments respectively.

Zuora stocks

Over the past few years, Zuora stocks have not taken any leap or have not advanced much. However, as of now buying Zuo stocks is a good idea. The positive catalysts, in the long run, will keep pushing the stocks ahead in the coming years. Looking at the previous month’s data of Zuo, the shares tumbled by 11%. The stocks were just 9.6% at the time of closing of the market.

The decline was mostly the result of a market sell-off that hit the stocks leading to growth badly. This made the investors keep an eye on the Zuo stocks. Looking at the data of April month, i.e. one month after the decline of stocks, the Zuo shares increased by 31% and marked a good recovery after having shrunk by 32% the previous month.

Following is the Zuo quote overview

  • Open – 11.77
  • Day high – 11.83
  • Day low – 11.36
  • Market cap – 1.38 B
  • 52 wk high – 16.59
  • 52 wk low – 6.21

Stay Updated With The Latest Happenings Of NYSE: ZUO


Sum up

The NYSE: ZUO will give a better understanding of how increasing or decreasing the stocks of Zuo is. It will also help you in understanding the quote overview and idea of whether you should buy it today. If you want to learn how to invest in stocks, you can check online trading platforms. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.